Patient program

Traveling with your medication

Multiple Responses offers its patients a free travel kit. This travel kit includes an insulated container to keep your Inmunomas/Polimunol cooled while traveling.
If you do not have a travel kit, call the free helpline for Multiple Responses: 0800-999-8432, and we will send you one.

We recommend packing more syringes than you think you may need anticipating any travel delay.

• You should always store your Inmunomas/Polimunol in the fridge between 2°C and 8° C. Do not freeze. You must check the temperature of the fridge you are using while traveling to avoid inadvertently freezing your medication. In the case of small hotel fridges, store the medicine away from the cooling unit and from the small freezer compartment.
• When traveling by car, do not leave your supplies on the dashboard, in the dashboard compartment, or in the trunk when the vehicle is parked. Keep your supplies with you within the climate-controlled area of the car.
• When flying, the storage shelves next to the lights may also be too hot. Keep your supplies in your hand baggage so you may still have them in case your luggage is lost. Before flying, verify with your airline and TSA what the most recent regulations indicate regarding boarding a plane with injectable medication. These rules are subject to changes and may require specific documents, such as a note from your doctor describing the medication and why you take it. Visit the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website and/or contact your airline to obtain information regarding flying with injectable medication.
• Remember to include cool packs in your travel bag to guarantee your product is stored correctly.